The REGATTA week with the Astor families was great fun. Lord and Lady Astor, son Charles, daughter Olivia and cousin Jaqueline Astor Drexel of New York (granddaughter of Col Astor) all had a grand time visiting. We thank them all for taking the trip to Astoria and hope they will return in the future.

Jacqueline Astor Drexel, Charles Astor, Lady Elizabeth (Liz) Astor, Lord Astor (JJ Astor VIII),and Olivia Astor at the Heritage Museum checking out the Astor's People exhibit.

Astoria, Oregon was established in 1811 by the John Jacob Astor's Pacific Fur Trading party, and became the first permanent U.S. settlement west of the Rocky Mountains. The City was recognized as the nation's first real claim to the West

John Jacob Astor
National Gallery Portrait
by no less than Thomas Jefferson and written about by Washington Irving. (Read more about Astoria History) Want to learn more about Astoria's history?
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John Jacob Astor was planning and dreaming big for his outpost at the mouth of the Columbia River. We, too, are making big plans to celebrate Astoria's 200th birthday. We hope you will join us in making 2011 a year to remember.

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This Day in History

September 1811. The Wilson Price Hunt over land party is in Montana hunting buffalo for the long winter ahead. They are not on the Lewis & Clark trail but have ventured off on their own thinking they are going a shorter route. Many are thinking of leaving and going back to St. Louis but it is too late in the season to travel east.
The Astorians are building additional buildings for storage and lodging as the fall approaches. The native peoples are visiting more often and trading elk meat for knives and other goods.

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